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Green Goodness

Laura M.

Vicky is very knowledgeable about health and fitness. She has a passion to help people feel their best. Whether you’re looking for guidance on essential oils, yoga and fitness or making healthy eating choices, Vicky with Uplift Yoga + Fitness is a great resource.

Women Stretching on Yoga Mat

Jennifer S.

All this sitting has resulted in low back pain AND I seem to have tweaked a weird inner hip area to the point where the pain was taking my breath away. Vicky used her expertise in anatomy and movement to provide movements that instantly brought relief and are slowly bringing me back to freedom from pain.

I am grateful!

Pilates Pose

Suzanna M.

Vicky's enthusiasm for yoga motivates her students and enables them to stretch and grow -- both literally and metaphorically! Nearly everyone I know would benefit from adding a yoga practice to their lives and Vicky makes it accessible to all.